Male ego got HURT?

I was wrong in assuming that our politicians would be kind enough to allow safe passage of the women’s reservation bill in the legislative bodies. Our respected parliamentarians who are always seen as the custodians of Indian democracy stooped to such low as to physically invade on to the chair of the Chairman and take out the Bill papers and tear them and throw them on his face.
This has been the facade from more than a dozen years ever since this controversial bill came out in the year 1996. And since then the same players of Mulayam, Lalu have been vociferously opposing this bill saying that this would harm the chances of backward classes of society to climb the stairs of legislative bodies.
I have an advice for them! Sir, if you two are so sacrificing for the cause of backward communities why don’t you two along with your cronies vacate your own seats and accomodate the so-called backward classes? Why don’t they deserve to climb the stairs of parliament as you two have claimed? What better way other than to vacate your own seat to a backward community person.
The Government is proposing another session of discussions over the bill this evening and whatever might be the outcome of the bill, the actions of the hooligans (sorry! MPs should have been the word) in the Parliament has shamed the country to no end. Shame that these representatives are commanding the governance and are not letting one-half of the population their rightful share.
But whereas at the other end of the spectrum, a lady, Katherine Bigelow, who was divorced 2 decades ago by her husband, James Cameron, took a sweet revenge by beating him at his own art, direction, to receive an Oscar. Kudos to Women power.

Let the male ego be HURT. And let the women power be unleashed over our hooligans (MPs).

Krishna Chaitanya

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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