Time for instant justice!

The judicial system of India has been much abused for its lethargic act. It is often said that the Indian judiciary takes its own snail’s pace to deliver justice to a victim. And in the process, the gravity of the crime is often forgotten and the punishment given to the perpetrator of crime (if at all caught and convicted) is highlighted in the media. One feels that it is time that this lacuna in the judiciary is set straight by the Government in the wake of recent crime situation which has shaken the collective conscience of public alike.

A few days ago a 9 year old girl by name Vaishnavi was kidnapped in the city of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The kidnapping caught the attention of the populace in a big way as the girl happens to be the child of a business tycoon and during the kidnapping the driver of the girl’s car was murdered. Many people thought that this was another kidnapping of a girl for want of ransom and would pass off after few negotiations. But it did not happen as expected.

In fact the kidnappers did not wish to ask for any ransom. They wanted to impose their will on the girl’s father, Prabhakar. They happened to be the close relatives of this businessman’s first wife. They wanted that the property of the businessman is inherited by the first wife’s child. And in that process they killed off the innocent child, Vaishnavi. The murder was so brutal that the child was found in charred remains and the brutality of the murder shook the collective conscience of the state.
The perpetrators are caught and the conspiracy has come off. Man’s eternal greed for money which could be earned on any other day has killed off an innocent child. A bright future of an innocent girl, who had no notion that she was hated in this world, has been crushed in fire. That man can let go off his humanity and become so cruel in his own reasons shakes that very notion of RATIONALITY of human beings. The sins of the elders has taken a innocent child away from the mortal world. Who is to be blamed for this?
Should the father who married for the second time? Or else the relatives of the first wife who thirsted for money rather than fight for their rights legally? Whoever is blamed the tragic news of an innocent child charred to death remains the reality.
Added to the tragedy, the girl’s father, Prabhakar too died of heartstroke unable to take the news. With this double tragedy, the state of Andhra Pradesh is unified to condemn the killers and is demanding that the killers be hanged immediately.

Whether legally accepted or not, these cold-blooded criminals should be given a medicine of their own. Amidst this scenario, it is time for the Government to revisit their age old penal code and instil a sense of fear among such wrong doers. Lest we do not remain in civil society.

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Certainly the Father is not to be blamed to marry for the second time. It indeed is the greed of the relatives of First Wife which led to the Murder of the Poor Girl Vaishnavi and well a pseudo murder of the Father.

    From where I see, the perpetrators need to be charged with double murder – the Murder of the Girl and also the murder of her father. I know the defense counsel will try to highlight that the death of father was more for the medical reasons, but why don't we look at the circumstances under which he got the heart stroke. His heart Stroke is not something that is a natural phenomenon by any aspect, it was an induced one and the murder of her daughter was the point that triggered his heart stroke to collapse him.

    Certainly, the only way to deal with this case is to give Capital Punishment to the criminals for the Dual Murder…..

  2. Hemchand

    very pity on those rascals……….mindless brutes
    when sin takes over they dont know what they do in this sinful mindset……..

  3. Priyaa

    Capital punishment and that too by hanging not lethal injection should be meted out to those rascals. They wont get a place even in hell!

  4. money is important but money alone is not the important. leave about being humane, i sometimes wonder if we are atleast human. whatever may be the issue and whoever's mistake it might be but the little is not to be victimised. but that is what has happened. she would have grown up into a woman who would have had her family. but these stuff remain as 'IF'

  5. idont think so, the judicial system will act speedly on this brutal crime, in our judicial system even the terrorists are also arguing about his crime and enjoying the life as a normal citizen of india than who lives in pakistan, we cant expect much, my strong intention to give full powers to police than only such crimes may come down.

  6. I personally feel that the perpetrators of this crime should not be hanged or killed. They should be amputated in their limbs and let live. They would understand that life means much more than just a few dimes of money….

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