The BATTLE OF MUMBAI has just begun

Time has come for the historians to add a new coin to the list of historical battles. This battle should be named as the BATTLE OF MUMBAI. The economical capital of India has always been a bone of contention between the locals (read as the marathis) and the non-locals (read as non-marathis). 
It was in the 1960s did Bal Thackeray has come up with the slogan as Mumbai for Marathas and became a rallying point for all the marathis today. It is that regional fervor that Balasaab maintains that he is enjoying unrivalled attention all over the country. His will is said to be the law in Mumbai. But with growing age and growing popularity of his party Shiv Sena, Balasaab became more accomodative and his alliance with the BJP has mellowed his hardcore Maratha pride to an extent.

But going by the recent trends his penchant for the pride of Maratha Manoos has found new vigor as the old tiger wants his party to be the to be the champion of Marathas than for his nephew, Raj Thackeray who is hogging the limelight, courtesy the ideology he borrowed from his uncle. And now is the time for Shiv Sainiks to run amok all over Mumbai and take to task those who say Mumabai is for the country and all can settle in the city.
These days, Balasaab is using his editorial in Saamna to take to task celebrities like, Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan for giving statements in the intention of National integrity. To add more masala and zing to already provoked situation, the RSS has intervened now and said that it would protect the interests of non-marathis.
The involvement of RSS into the issue has started ringing alarm bells in the hearts of many as the city would be polarised into two halves, Marathas and Non-Marathas. The impending danger of riots looms large over the city with this belligerent posturing.
The city of Mumbai which has long been the pride of India for its dogged spirit and perseverence is now being subject to test of character. This is time for the people of Mumbai to reject the narrow political gains of these radical leaders and show them their correct place.
But thinking of the way things have been in other regions, especially Hyderabad, one would feel that the Central Government should delink, the major cities of India from the stranglehold of the states and take the direct control of them. Till such time, the feuds and the BATTLES of the cities continue to rage.

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Priyaa

    Mumbai for Maharastrians has been Bala sahebs logo. You know Krishna you wrote the article on how India is not unified, well this just shows. I think the base problem we have is each state has a different culture, different language unlike US, Australia where everyone speaks one language english. As it is marathi is compulsory in schols in maharastra, what more can they enforce?? When this dividing factor exists it makes us vulnerable to our enemies and hence India becomes the target of terrorist attacks. Its all the radical elements who are responsible unless they go there can be no solution.

  2. Hemchand

    this one is educative
    keep it up chaitanya
    infact i didnt know abt this until i read …………”

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