What is the heights of imagination for a creative person? At best he can wonder you or else create a sense of amusement out of your thoughts. But bet on James Cameron and he will create a special world for you. And that world is called PANDORA.

When James Cameron said that he created a special camera for his next film AVATAR, many of the cynics felt that he might be ruining money on a futile exercise. And James is such a director who not only created a camera but also a world which is as real as you and me. A trip to PANDORA (sorry to AVATAR) gives us an insight into the ways of our own humanity. Cameron says how the downtrodden are being exploited by the rich and powerful.

Through the journey of his protagonist Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), the director takes us through the emotions of the real world. His protagonist feels free when he gets on to the planet of PANDORA. He migrates from his real self and becomes a person of Na’avi tribe when sent into his AVATAR. There he gets to know that these Na’avi’s are really being put to much trouble by those sky people (human beings). Their nature and mother tree is in danger because a mineral by name Unobtanium which is found in rich deposits in the planet, sells for 20 million per kilo. And in the process Jake becomes one of the Na’avi and drives away the oppressor race from the planet.

Though the story is simple and routine, the way James presents it to us is more important. He creates such a beautiful world, rich in flora and fauna, and in turn tells us that we have ruined what we have. He tells us that there are certain individuals who are ruining our lives and diversity of our lives just for their profits. We need to see within ourselves to find our true self. The world we know is no more the very world which we inhabited. It is time to protect it. This is the message James wanted to give it us.

And we take the message loud and clear. Save our planet and make it more wonderful than the presently non-existent PANDORA. For giving that message through the eyes of a creative mind, we salute to you, JAMES CAMERON.

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Priya

    The world of Avatar is also escapism from the mundane city life, the every day grind. James Cameron's movie maybe fiction, however i am sure many tribes in africa, India and in some other third world countries live a life that is solely dependant on nature. Avatar also projects a message about exploitation that takes place our real world. Wonderful graphics, he created a totally new language for the movie. He has based the fictional chararcters on the Masaai tribe of Kenya and a little of the Maoris of NZ as well.

  2. You are so correct Priya…. There are so many tribes which are underdeveloped and exploited…James Cameron wanted to show that exploitation in a different context and succeeded with it

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