Where is that UNITY in DIVERSITY

India, as a country has always been a mixture of different cultures. Nothing in India is common. India is as diverse as Europe put together. May be India is the only country where there are so many languages spoken. By the official count there are about 25 official languages spoken and written in the country. And all this while there was a proud feeling in the country that we are unified though diverse. UNITY in DIVERSITY, was the mantra of unification. But all that UNITY seems to be passe these days.

The reason why one can come to that conclusion is the latest round of regional fervor among the people (read as politicians) of the country. The Telengana struggle has not died down and now comes a ridiculous yet funny order of the Maharashtra government. It said that those wanting to own a taxi or else get a taxi permit should know Marathi for sure. That was 2 days ago and now comes a even more ridiculous suggestion from Maharashtra Government.

The cultural ministry of the Maharashtra state suggests that the Ministers of the Government should converse only in Marathi and they should even speak in Marathi to the foreign dignitaries visiting the state. And to facilitate a dialogue with foreigners they should employ interpreters to convey the policies. The cultural ministry’s suggestions can be said appalling and one feels that it is futile jingoism or regionalism of a different kind.
The latest suggestions from the Congress-NCP government may be to nullify the effect of Raj Thackeray and his MNS goons who have almost become the ambassadors of Marathi language but in their zeal they are alienating lakhs of other language speakers who have made Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, as their home.
The recent situations make one feel to be a foreigner in his own country and the recent actions of those in power do not help in any which way.
And the adage of UNITY IN DIVERSITY should be reversed and called as DIVERSITY IN THE NAME OF UNITY.

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. Priya

    So true about Unity in diversity! We are never Indians. We are either a gujrati, or maharastrian or a tamilian etc. I live in australia, and when i first came here i thought indians would not bring their language or regional barriers with them. Wrong i was, as evern here theres groupism based on which part of india u come from. Another problem i had was that as an indian i speak 4 to 5 india languages although my mother tongue is tamil. The Non tamil speakers are adverse to me conversing in tamil as they do not understand. Well i understand their language and i tell them that make an effort to learn the other languages. YOu are absolutely right when u say “theres no Unity in diversity”.

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