Hyderabad loses its sheen in IPL-3

The city of Hyderabad may have boasted that it is the reigning champion of IPL-3 but it conducted itself with no glory with the latest announcement of IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi.

Modi has announced that the opening ceremony and the opening match with Mumbai which was earlier allocated to the Champion team has now been shifted to Mumbai. The reason for the decision, the separatist movement of Telengana from the united state of Andhra Pradesh. This announcement came after the franchisee team Deccan Chronicle expressed its inability to host the event which would attract millions of viewers.

The fear of Deccan Chronicle is quite understandable. They fear that certain unruly elements of Telengana movement may cause disruption to the opening ceremony causing a serious Law and Order problem. It has to be noted that a local T-20 match between Hyderabad and Andhra was disrupted on 21st of January forcing the organisers to abandon the match.
It is to be noted that earlier, BCCI had shifted an international match between India and Sri Lanka from Vishakapatnam to Nagpur owing to the volatile security situation during the movements.
The emerging situation is just a tip of iceberg and if the central government does not solve the crisis as of now, it would explode in its face in the international arena. Hope the Governemnt is sane enough to solve the crisis immediately.

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. its unfortunate to know that T- stir has hit cricket too…all of a sudden hyd looks so troubled !

  2. venkataramana

    Atleast now DC fans can hope their team to defend their title….we got a 0-10(if i am not wrong…)win record at uppal….

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