The sour dreams of Tollywood girls

Tollywood is never short of new talent among females as many throng to Hyderabad on a daily basis. They come in all sizes and shapes and some are even ready to go to those extreme length of baring it all for sake of some recognition.
These young things are first encouraged to shoot for a portfolio wearing various costumes (traditional & western) and then find a PRO or a manager who would circulate them to all production companies. They would parade the girl as a trophy even though she has minimum of chances to succeed in Tollywood. When the offers for the girl are not to be found, the PRO finds another source of marketing the girl‘s portfolio, the film portals.

Log on to any popular film site and you are sure to find portfolios of young wannabe starlets who pose in itsy bitsy costumes. These girls once on site are always prone to public recognition outside and get pranksters on their way. Not only this, these girls are eyed by many and calls are made to the PRO for one-night stands. Once the PRO/Manager makes the girl agree for the proposal, it is curtains for the aspirations and end of Tollywood dreams for the girl.
Unable to cope up with this some return to their native places to the comforts of their family, but some continue to struggle in the hope of getting their share of limelight on the silver screen. They become those junior artistes sharing a frame with the hero or the heroine or if luck favors get a chance to mouth a dialogue. And their day is done till the next film. Till then it is the wait for another dream.
Some dreams never end though they end up with a sour taste.

Krishna Chaitanya

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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