Landmark judgment on Reservations

On the day of Sankranti a landmark judgment which could have far reaching impact on Indian society was given by the Kerela High Court. The High court has for a change asked the Backward Communities of the State to become competitive rather than relying on the reservations provided for them.

The panel of Judges gave these observations when a petitioner questioned the motto of the Government to provide for reservation for the economically poor in the Upper Castes. The panel observed that the so-called upper castes have lost a lot by the provision of reservations and it is time that the Backward Communities to compete in the open competition and prove their merit.
Hope the wisdom used by the judges prevails upon the political class of rest of the country who continue to champion the cause of reservations for backward classes. But given the sensitivities surrounding the reservations will it be possible for politicians to renounce the reservations?
Cheers and Love,

Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. that is cool.wish the entire nation follows this. it truly brings out worthy candidates. is this really going to workout in the entire nation? what politicians want is vote, vote, vote.

  2. Thing is I myself have lost a Goddamn worthy life with these reservations…
    I really wanted 2 screw our so called “Reservation System”.I dn't care 2 spk one situation here… i was travelling in 113M bus,there was a passenger just coming out from his seat.I was abt 2 get into n grab that seat as I had 2 travel a grter distance… Another Guy frm back threw his brief case.It really hurt me.. i threw that suit case back n sat there acting that I'm first to have this…!!
    I really xplain this coz this system has its roots not only in education system, it's wide spread every fking corner…! It's really a gd sign n i welcome this heart fully

  3. If we observe carefully, the media which hypes up everything else is not highlighting this judgment…Wonder why??

  4. the media is also controlling by the same group, and they don't have any moral

  5. please send me copy of judgement or link for downloading the same or wp case no


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