Buying a Pirate CD can kill

Consider these news items,

1. “The terror activities are gaining ground, the Government should do something about this,” says every common man when questioned of terror activities.

2. “Please buy original DVDs and CDs. Do not encourage piracy. Why do you buy pirated DVDs and CDs?” appeals a film producer when his new movie releases.

3. Reacting to the producer, a movie lover says, “Can it be possible for any middle class man to take his family to a movie theatre these days? Ticket rates are so expensive. Even the original DVDs and CDs are expensive. Even these people who make pirated CDs are earning their livelihood.”

Reading all this in a website or a newspaper we feel that everyone has a point in their argument. But little they realise the very pirated DVDs and CDs fund the terror organisations which conduct the terror activities the world over is sure to send shivers down the spines of everyone.
The innocuous Rs.20 per 3-in-1 DVD of the favorite movies of  yours, may be they are very badly made camera prints, funding the terror outfits, is a worrying factor.
The latest study coming out in a newspaper that the Dawood gang is actively involved in piracy of Bollywood and other film industries and use the same funds for organised crime and also organised terror needs urgent attention from the Government and also the common public alike.
The common man, bereft of entertainment might feel that he is shortchanged with burgeoning ticket prices at the counter and might seek cheaper forms of entertainment. The much harried producer might feel that low ticket prices will not help him in recovering his investment. The Home Video owner might feel the low prices on the DVD might hamper his recovery on investment. But where does the buck end.
An innocent purchase of Rs.20 creating havoc in people‘s life is highly condemnable and people have a choice to ignore piracy. And this can be only be possible if the prices come down.
Will any one take the initiative or will it be pass-the-buck as always?
Cheers and love,

Krishna Chaitanya

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    This is quite shocking. There are so many of illegal pirated CD shops in Chennai. Why doesn't the Government close them off?


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