Danger Down Under!

For majority of Indians, Australia represents a strong cricket team. I bet majority of us wish to play in the lush Australian grounds. The Country always referred to as Down Under was seen as a developed nation with much opportunities to those willing. May be that along with the fighting spirit of the Aussies in the cricket fields and the clear weather forced many of our Indians to choose a career Down Under.

But if one takes into account the recent happenings, it seems that myth of Australia is becoming a sour dream for those who have already gone there.

Things were fine until the reports of Indians being targeted by the local came in. At first these reports were brushed off being one-off incidents. But when more and more Indians were attacked by the locals, the Indian Government had to step into the act saying that the attacks were of racist in kind. The Government urged Aussie government to find the offenders and take strict action on them.

At first the Aussie Government replied in negative for the term “Racist” attacks but when the report of the first murder of an Indian came in, things are set to boil in the diplomatic channels. Now the latest is that the Aussie Government is issuing “dos” and “donts” for the Indian community. They are saying that the Indians should not show off their gadgets and should not wear those expensive clothes and branded wear.

This for me is that Australian Government is restricting the movement of a particular community for their own safety. The word ‘safety’ is a lame excuse for the Government and if it cannot reign in unlawful elements from their society then one should assume that there is a serious lapse in their society.

I would appeal to all of my friends who wish to migrate to Down Under to reconsider their decision. The Government is not guaranteeing you any kind of safety. Rather it imposes restrictions on your personal freedom. Why go to a country where your independence is at risk just for the expensive gadgets you have. Rather stay back here in India and enjoy the comfort of being in motherland.

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Anonymous

    Bravo! Krishna Bravo! You have hit it right on the head. The Aussie Government is selfish. There is serious lapse in security and this has been going on for quite sometime…


  2. yes, i agree with that, why should we risk our lives for nothing.

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