News News News: Foul Foul Foul

It is bad to be absent for a couple of days. But it feels good to be back. In fact, it is great to be back to blogging. What was I doing these 2 days?? Well, for starters I was following all of the events of the country (albeit through my idiot bx only) and trying to asses the ways of our country.
So let me summarise what were the events for the country for the past two days:

The first and foremost issue of national importance (at least for the national media than the regional media) was the issue of Ruchika. The 19 year old issue which has come into public consciousness since the last three weeks and has become a point of discussion in the Indian society. The issue of a former DGP of Haryana subjecting a 16-year old tennis player to mental and physical torture for three years, including molestation, and subsequently forcing her to commit suicide has irked the conscience of the public like no other. The person accused, Rathore, has been given a six month imprisonment by the Apex court and the nation cried foul.

As usual the omni-present media has taken over charge and forced the authorities to take a relook and after a bout of accusations and counter-accusations, the Government of Haryana has decided to have another inquiry into the matter. Hope the guilty is punished properly and let justice be done to the family of Ruchika. Let the powerful of this country be reminded once again that they might jump the law for one time but the law will catch up with them at one point of their life and will haunt them forever.

Moving on to the another issue is an IDIOTIC one. 3 IDIOTS has become a controversial movie all of a sudden. The author of “Five Point Someone,” Chetan Bhagat cried foul that he was not given the credit for the story of the film and cried hoarse at it. The team of 3 IDIOTS, Vidhu Chopra, Raju Hirani and Aamir countered Chetan’s charges and showed the contract which the author entered with them. The result of this controversy, 3 Idiots got that extra publicity and also FIVE POINT SOMEONE. Kudos to the PROs of both sides.

The latest twist in the tale is the BJP is raising a hue and cry about the ragging scenes and suicides in the movie. Well, why do not these vigilantes take action in real places? Why do not they go to colleges and stop ragging from being done? Well, they get cheap publicity by indulging in these activities.
Another issue which has come (this is a serious one folks,) into media glare but not covered with that much zeal is that 3 suspected terrorists, albeit Pakistani nationals, have escape from police custody. That is a serious security breach. If the police custody is that much weak in this country, then GOD help the security situation.

All said and done about the issues mentioned here, but why did the national media, read TV and print, forget about the burning TELENGANA issue of Andhra Pradesh. The media has conveniently put in backburner the issue which has taken over nearly 10 crore people in the south’s biggest state. Is the national media just content playing to the demands of the National audience? I would like to question whether the issue of 3 IDIOTS much more important than the issue of TELENGANA? Why do not the panelists of various channels, which discuss issues threadbare, discuss about the pros and cons of this separate state? Whatever the reasons for this situation, there are reasons for me being a telugu to feel sidelined by the national media.

Still, I have some faith in this system and would hope that it would regulate itself.
Cheers and Love,

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. chetan bhagat is craving for publicity through 3 idiots…nothing else

  2. Anonymous

    These politicians do nothing about the ragging in real life but are creating a controversy for this 3 idiots

  3. lol..its a double whammy for both chetan n aamir ! But Aamir suggesting his movie to be tax free is heights..its a sheer case of blowing ur own trumpet …

  4. What Aamir is asking Tax exemption?? Heights! Will Chetan too follow the same asking tax exemption for his book??

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