Will Tollywood migrate to Chennai??

When the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, K Rosaiah appealed to the activists of Telengana movement to not to attack the film shootings and pleaded them to stay away, he was in fact pleading the film industry to not to think of migrating back to Chennai.

Hyderabad had become the official capital of Telugu Film Industry after many efforts of the Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh since the 1970s. M Chenna Reddy, NT Rama Rao and K Vijayabhaskara Reddy favored the Telugu film industry to take roots in Andhra Pradesh and had given incentives to those people who were willing to set their shop in Hyderabad.

A Nageswara Rao, G Krishna, NTR and Ramanaidu constructed their studios to bring the Telugu films to the Telugu land of Andhra Pradesh. And with the migration of TFI to Hyderabad, the film culture has taken roots in the historic city. The film industry had attracted many people who were willing to have their chance at their artistic expression. Lakhs of people have benefitted from the film industry in Hyderabad, either directly or indirectly.
The whole of Krishna Nagar area in the Jubilee Hills area is a testimony to the fact that Film industry has generated an economy which accounts to nearly 30% of Hyderabad’s earnings. Now when the industry has finally taken a shape, the agitation of Telengana is almost threatening to cut it to size.
That most of the artists and technicians working in the TFI are either from the Coastal districts or else the Rayalaseema region is very well known. The representation of Telengana in the TFI top echelons is very less and a very handful of technicians and artists have acquired a name worth mentioning. And these very technicians are expected to take a stand on the Telengana issue lest their lives are at danger. Forced to safeguard their lives and property some of the bigwigs of TFI are indicating clearly that they wish to go back to Chennai, where they originally came from, and conduct their business in a much safer manner.
Though nothing has been mentioned clearly about this thought, the thought itself is fearsome as lakhs of people would forego their livelihood and nearly a million people would be left in lurch.

I, as a well-wisher of TFI would hope that a proper resolution on Telengana is taken by the Central Government and the crisis to be resolved soon for the welfare of all those who are dependent on the TFI. Also I would appeal to the activists of Telengana to not target the livelihood of lakhs of people who have nothing to do with the political scenario.
Cheers and Love,
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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