I too am an IDIOT

Aamir Khan! The name itself indicates a sense of intelligence for everyone who has been following the actor’s career graph. This versatile actor who has the knack delivering only SUPERHITs is termed as the most intelligent actor-producer-director of Indian Cinema who knows the commerce of cinema correctly. Now this man has come up with a movie which is named as 3 IDIOTS.
Has Aamir gone nuts to do this movie?? Or is that his intelligent tactic of branding himself as an Idiot?

I managed to check into that movie which was released last week and is now touted as the HIT of the Decade. Well, for starters I would say that the film is not for any IDIOT. The movie is so intelligent that anyone would appeal to the so-called intelligentsia at the same time enthrall the world of IDIOTs (like us) in equal measure. The combo of Aamir-Raju Hirani-Vidhu Vinod Chopra (are they the 3 IDIOTS?) works big this time around. Raju Hirani is a master story teller who has given two gems of the decade and with this IDIOTic venture, make it 3.
The story of the film is based on a simple theme of a student wanting to enjoy his education rather than being forced to join the race of MARKS and GRADES. Rancho (Aamir) has a firm belief that the present educational system has to impart knowledge rather than churn out machine like beings from the college. He pokes his friends to think differently and say “ALL IZZ WELL”. He prods his friends to believe in themselves and run behind what they want than doing a thing which is forced on to them.
Rancho makes difference to the lives of Raju (Sharman Joshi) and Farhan (Madhavan). He influences them in such a way that they challenge the preconceived notions of the system and emerge as victors. After his friends become achievers, Rancho just disappears. Why and where did he go and what did he left behind? This forms the crux of the remaining story.
Talking of the performances, the lead cast of the film Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman just cover themselves in glory. Though the trio are over-aged for their parts, their sincerity makes us believe that they are the students. The find of the decade for Bollywood has to be named as Boman Irani. The versatile actor charms his way through the hearts with his act as the disciplinarian Director of Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahasrabuddhe (nicknamed as VIRUS). Kareena as the bespectacled daughter of Virus shares her space with Aamir and they have a rip-roaring chemistry. And Omi as the evil-yet-comic Chatur has everyone falling off their chairs.
The film is a must watch for everyone who wishes to study, or else make their children study, or else teach education. 3 IDIOTS is an important film for the system itself as it exposes the lacunae of the educational system which expresses its confidence on the GRADES and MARKS than on the real Education of the student.
Watch the rip-roaring entertainer and treat yourself with a film which tests your laughing brains and thinking brains like no other in recent times. Kudos to the team of Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan for giving us this delightful film which puts a smile even on the most pessimisstic souls.

Cheers and Love,

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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