“Rules are for fools, you fool!” I always get this answer whenever I question anyone about why he is breaking the rules.

Phew! This must be the greatest irony of Indian society, I feel. We posture ourselves to be a law abiding society whereas we never think for a second before breaking a rule. I bemoan the state of affairs. When there is an introspection of the situation then a culprit is readily found to be responsible for the situation…
 My finger points out to the much maligned politician (Not only me everyone else’s finger too). He is the cause for our utter disregard to rules.

But why him alone? When I ask this question everyone replies (sometimes I too), “leaders are supposed to be role modelS and the leaders of today take liberty in breaking the rules.” I agree! Point noted.

But one question bothers me, “when you know that leaders we elect are not role models but why do we elect them?”

“We do not elect them. Only fools elect them” everyone feels.

“Then why do not you all wise men elect a leader?”

“We wise men do not want to end up as fools”.

I feel this is quite a tricky situation to be in. My mind is full of confusion with the debate of why this state of affairs of my country. I ponder over this same question and see the lawlessness everywhere, a politician getting things his way. A “babu” getting things done for his favorite guy. Favoritism, nepotism and red tape are rampant in our lawful society.

Then who are supposed to follow the rules then? Everyone else than ourselves. Rules are for thy neighbour says everyone’s conscience and we are always above the law.

I travel in the road thinking of these issues and see a red signal which indicates me to stop. I look around and see no traffic cop and freely break the signal. If some one questions me about the break of rule, I will tell him, “RULES ARE FOR FOOLS, YOU FOOL!”

Cheers and Love,

Krishna Chaitanya


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. In our society rules are meant to be read or known,not to be followed

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