Finally a day of routine

What a relief to find that I was stuck in a familiar traffic jam of Hyderabad. What a relief that I was honking my horn for the other man to move forward. What a relief that those street vendors who encroach on the roads are doing it once more. All these things which used to bother me have appeared like a divine gift from the GOD. The reason for my relief, THERE WAS NO BANDH IN HYDERABAD (OR FOR THAT MATTER TELENGANA) FOR THE PAST TWO DAYS. And it finally looked good that I was stuck in a jam. What a change of perception a BANDH makes to your feelings and thoughts.

The boil over the separate state still continues in the regions but for a change, the politicians of the region have given a HOLIDAY for their BANDH on account of the festive week which had CHRISTMAS and MOHARRAM falling in the same week. THANK GOD! At least they respect the religious fervor of these two important days of the minority communities (or did they fear that they might lose their support? Whatever!)

What did I do in that BANDH-FREE days. Did lots of shopping, as if there was no tomorrow. I felt that if I did not get this shopping done today, I would be left without it tomorrow. Likeminded Hyderabadies too did the same and the shopkeepers were too eager to sell off their products at throwaway prices. For a change I was not feeling the pinch of coughing up money and clear my throat for bargaining. The dealers were giving that extra discount (Lest, their products might be burnt or damaged when the BANDH resumes).

After the day of hectic shopping ended and I got all the things settled in my home, I wondered if a day after the BANDH was correct to do some shopping. I felt triumphant as if I was helping the economy recover with my spending today and showing to the world that Hyderabadies (like their Mumbai brothers) are resilient too. But later when I checked my spending which came to nearly 30K I just wondered whether I squandered my money and the dealers just made profit out of my generosity?

Never mind my spending, it was a relief that people were coming out to be normal inspite of their fears of their security. Though the shops where I shopped were damaged partly due to the excesses of the rioters a day earlier, it was a relief they had that courage to move on. Kudos Hyderabad!

Cheers and love,
Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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