Serious disconnect between Leaders and people

With the permission of you all, let me rake up the issue of Telengana once more. The ongoings in the state of Andhra Pradesh over the formation of Telengana has taken a new turn with the announcement of the Central Government that more debate should happen in the State before the process for the formation of Telengana happens.

This statement from Home Minister, P Chidambaram has raised serious tensions in the region of Telengana once more. Though, the Central Government was very guarded in its statement this time around, the people of Telengana feel that they have been cheated by the Government once more. They are demanding that the process of the new state be started immediately.

Immediately, the pro-Telengana leaders have stated that they would launch the agitation once more as they fear that Centre might breach their trust once again. With this fear they have already announced Bandh in the region of Telengana.

But as an observer who has been observing the issue right from the people of all the regions, I feel that there is a serious disconnect between the leaders and the people. The reason why I make this statement is that the very leaders, Chiranjeevi, Chandra Babu Naidu and others who have supported separate Telengana have now backtracked from their statements (or else kept silent) and launched a protest against the state. Chiranjeevi for that matter said that he did not expect that there was so much of resentment among the people over the separation of the state in other regions. Even Chandrababu agreed to this statement.

The confessions of these stalwart leaders itself tells that there is a serious disconnect between the so-called leaders and the people whom they claim to represent. If these very leaders had worked among the people then they would have been very guarded in their approach to the new state and instead would have paved a way for the resolution of differences between the regions rather than abetting them.

Still there is time for these leaders, whether KCR, Chandrababu or Chiranjeevi to come together and thrash out the formalities in a peaceful manner such that the people of the State benefit from the separation rather than all the parties ending up in suffering and pain.

The Central Government has pushed the ball back in the court of the state politicians and it is up to them to resolve the crisis they have created with their brand of politics. Are they mature and sane enough to defuse the situation or else would they continue to play the politics of gimmicry yet again?

I am signing off in a confused and dazed state of mind,

Cheers and Love,
Krishna Chaitanya.


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