Ready to get lost??

How well do you know your city, Hyderabad? Some might say they are new to this Nawabi city. Some might put their claims for knowing the city in and around as no one else does. But for me, the city gives a sense of discovery each and every day, though I have lived my major part of life over here. Hyderabad presents a different face. I tend to discover new vistas of Hyderabadi life whenever I am lost in its maze. You have read it correctly. Lost!

I narrate an incident which gave me joy unbound. And that was the joy which you would feel when you least expect it to happen in the city of Hyderabad. I would say that is Hyderabad for you. Few days ago I was going to visit my relative‘s place on my two wheeler. That is not my first visit to the place and neither I was new to the route I was taking. I set out on my two wheeler and started on a familiar journey. A turn here and turn there amidst the heavy duty traffic was normal. But this time I tried a different turn and soon I was lost. I was treading a way which I never went.

Soon I was seeing places which I heard of but never dared to see in my short life. A few moments later all the tension I faced being lost evaporated and I was revelling in experiencing Hyderabad in its full splendor. I felt that the charms of Old City were spreading before me and nostalgia of how the city might have been in the Nizam‘s time occupied my thoughts. Within no time I was astounded. I arrived at Charminar.

This was not my first visit to the symbol of the city. But only this time, Charminar looked fully different. It appeared majestic. It appeared as if it was reminding the full history of the city in a single moment. I stopped my bike for some time and stared at the monument for some more time. The more I saw it, the more I was enamored by its majesty. But my admiration was cut short as a person blared his motorcycle‘s horn, ” Zara haton na Yaaron!” His words were curt but they were masked with typical Hyderabadi friendliness.

I started out on my way again. I continued to see the majestic monument in my rear view mirror again and again till I took a turn which closed history for me. This experience gave me a new meaning to life. All this time I felt that happiness can be achieved by leading life in a planned way but this time I felt that unplanned incidents can give more joy in a single unexpected moment than all my planned happiness together.

I am now ready for getting lost in the city once again and agian only I am given such unexpected joys. If only life has that simple moments of happiness and joy.

Cheers and Love,
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

One comment

  1. Madhavi

    get lost further insides then you will get more earthy flavor of the hyderabad!!

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