The furore goes on and on and on…..

Have you ever seen the Duracell advertisements which shows a rabbit going on and on without any halt in its movement? The voice over says, “it goes on and on…”
That very ad is relevant to the prevailing condition in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Ever since the announcement of T-state has come on December 9th, the stalemate in the rest of the state continues as if this was a normalcy.
As a frequent traveller in all of the regions I have been following the conditions in Telengana and rest of Andhra Pradesh with keen interest. While the T-state supporters were busy before the announcement of Chidambaram, the antagonists of Telengana are active after the annoucement.
In this melee of agitations of both the parties, the common man who is neither having any link to the agitation is suffering bigtime. Though both the parties are saying that they are keeping the agitations going for the sake of the aspirations of the common man, the reality is known to everyone. A few power mongers (from both the regions) are the root cause for this problem.
While one promises upliftment of the region in the new state, the others promise development within the integrated state. But the hollow promises of the politicians are well known, Worldwide. Till someone among the two wins, the common man who wants to have three basic requisites, “food, shelter and clothes” will continue to be left out.
Will some sense prevail among these agitating leaders who are continuing to hold the state at ransom (either by their hungerstrikes or else by rousing regional sentiments) and come to an understanding to resolve their differences at a table? No chance! Because the history tells me otherwise.
And so it goes on and on and on………
Cheers and Love
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. true ! its da common man who faces the brunt..nobody …jus nobody thinks bout them…its just a battle of cash rich lobbies to grab their piece of pie…


  2. Hey Stuti…well said. The cash rich lobbies want to make their piece as well as others who are not enjoying that position…

    BTW welcome to my blog…

    KRishna Chaitanya

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